The Ultimate Greek Connection

Meet Greek Singles, launch in May 2021; born from the idea of connecting Greek singles worldwide.
With this social networking site, Greeks no longer have to sacrifice their principles to find love.

The site was born when a group of Greek Americans realized how difficult it was for Greeks to meet others with similar beliefs and feelings. Greek parents taught their children at a young age the importance of marrying someone of Greek descent to ensure a successful union. The feeling is one of security. They strongly believed
that in a relationship with the same culture, there will be fewer disagreements and a greater chance of a happy marriage.

The founders grew up in Chicago and have lived in Greece. From their own experience, they know that Greeks worldwide need a modern way to increase their chances of meeting someone with a similar background. In earlier times, many Greeks traveled to Greece to visit relatives and find a spouse. Even today, most connections are traditionally made through relatives and friends, at local church events, parties, weddings, and social gatherings. 

Meet Greeks Singles is here to support that desire. It is a site dedicated to Greeks who follow the Hellenic culture and want to meet other Greeks who feel the same way about family values, customs, and religious beliefs. It allows Greeks who follow Hellenism to continue the traditions they grew up with, even if their right partner lives half a world away.


Meet Greek Singles appreciates that you are looking for your ideal match.
We want you to be the person you are and find the person who can be your other half.
Our new social network will connect Greek singles worldwide - to help Greek bachelors and bachelorettes find a meaningful relationship that will help them grow.

Meet Greek Singles is not just a one-date hookup site.
We are about fostering real connections for people interested in a serious relationship and who want to find their life partner. This site is designed to help serious-minded Greek singles find love with each other and continue a traditional Greek family life.

Meet Greek Singles understands the importance of preserving Greek family values, Christian faith, culture, and heritage. We have designed this site to help Greeks who adhere to the values of Hellenism find their ideal partner. 

Our website is designed to ensure the safety of our community members and provide them with the best possible experience when searching True Love. The best technology has been implemented to ensure your safety.
We are an exclusive site that helps Greek singles find their perfect someone in a user-friendly, safe environment.

Remember, the perfect match is only perfect if you are honest with each other from the beginning.
Meet Greek Singles wants to help you find your perfect match today!


Meet Greek Singles website is private and secure.
We will never share or display your personal information; 
You control your visibility on the site, and you choose who to contact and who can contact you.
You have full control of your profile and keeping your membership 100% confidential.